“I forgot my password and need to reset it.”

No worries! You can reset it yourself right here.

Then, once your password has been reset, you can log in to the Secure Site here.

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You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Step-by-step instructions to reset your password:

  1. First, enter your username (or email) in the form, and click the “Get New Password” button
  2. Then, go check your email and click the confirmation link in the message sent to you from this site.
  3. Finally, enter your new password twice in the form, and click the “Reset Password” button. (If it returns any problems with your password, just try again.)
  4. Once you see the “Your password has been successfully changed!” message, the password for your user account has been updated!
    • Please make a note of your new password, as you will use it each time you log in to access the SP Secure Site. (Of course, you can come back here any time to reset your password again if you forget!)

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